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Farewell, Father Hadi! By Anne-Marie El-Hage (homage to the orient on the day of July 12, 2017)

It was from those people that we can't forget, as we met them. A Modern Priest, devoted to God, but also to man. A being of great humanity, as we rarely see, because it is dedicated to the most destitute of the most miserable, the prisoners. Father Hadi Al-Aya is no longer. The cleric with white hair, which he wore long ago, was carried away by cancer. He was 55 years old. This Maronite Monk of the ordre order was a rock. A staunch defender of prisoner s' rights. A Pure and hard-working activist for the abolition of capital punishment. To repeat tirelessly to his detractors: " the death penalty is a crime. We can't do justice through crime. So let's stop crime, not life. " His battle for the prisoners began in 1996, when he founded l', the association of justice and mercy. An initiative following his own incarceration in Syria, where he has been ill-treated. "our prisons are ticking time bombs", he says, without. Father Hadi as everyone calls him, knows what he's talking about. Not only does it lead to a fierce fight against torture and cruel and degrading treatment in prisons in the country. But his commitment to des prison inmates is without limits. The physical and mental health of prisoners is particularly important to him. It is mobilizing for prisoners suffering from diabetes, psychiatric illnesses, aids carriers, drug users, etc. He gets every prisoner to have a personal health record and legal care. By the way, he's got the largest prison in the country of refrigerators, a library, too. He organizes activities. He denounces the forced idleness of detainees, where rehabilitation has no place. What is causing him to revolt: " the purpose of detention in Lebanon is punishment and revenge, because rehabilitation is non-existent. " even though the authorities are getting angry, often. In his struggle against capital punishment, father hadi does not make more concessions. It multiplies initiatives and coups, as part of the national campaign against the death penalty, and still within the. During a public execution on 20 may 1998 in tabarja, he and the members of his movement were forcibly mobilized. Turning back instead of execution, they block the road with a banner on which the slogan sounds: " we mourn the victims of the first crime and the victims of execution. " the movement is taken over by the local and international press. It represents a major step in the fight against the death penalty in Lebanon. And will be followed by the cancellation of " Slayer law " (302/94) that " any killer will be killed ", without consideration of mitigating circumstances. Father Hadi never drops his arms, even if the record is hovering. He turns to youth, even schoolchildren. " I will not be given the death penalty in my name. Because capital punishment is pronounced on behalf of the Lebanese people ", he is launching three classes of schoolchildren on the occasion of the world day against the death penalty on 11 October 2013 in the city centre. From Beirut. Its aim is to initiate youth debate. Bet. It is the same youth who today pay tribute to the social networks to the holder of the cross of the order of Isabella the Catholic, which was handed over to him in 2016 on behalf of the king of Spain Felipe Vi by the ambassador of Spain, Milagros Hernando Echevarria. Farewell, Father Hadi!


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