A liturgical renewal

Faithful to the teachings of their founding Fathers, especially to Patriarch Blouzani, the Antonine monks knew how to preserve the originality of the Maronite confession rituals and how to modernize them at the same time, as years went by.

That’s how in 1889, the Superior General Abbot Emmanuel Baabdati called for this very reason, the musician Father Girgis Aziz (a.k.a. Al Jezzineh), student of Professor Emile Boutek from Alep. Also, Father Boulos Achkar who was also a student of Father El Jezzineh, and after taking specialized courses in sacred music in Italy and France, published a number of works namely “The Oriental Music”. When he returned to Lebanon, he deployed all his efforts in order to create choirs in the parishes and in schools; and among his numerous musical publications, we mention “the Sang Psalms”, “the Syriac hymns”, and “the Real Joy”.

The Antonine Order continued its efforts in the fields of sacred music and soon established the School of Music in Baabda, followed by the Institute of Music in the heart of the Antonine University.