In Lebanon

No matter where he is, an Antonine monk always remembers his mission: to constantly remind the people that they are on a journey, a pilgrimage towards the Kingdom.
From the already established monasteries that are places for prayer and common fraternal life, the Antonine monks start their journey and embark in their mission, not only in all Lebanese regions, but they also go beyond the borders of the country.
Most of the monasteries of the Antonine Order were built or expanded by the monks themselves, as it shows in the documents preserved in the Historical Archives of the Order. As for the distribution of the monasteries among different regions, this constitutes a clear indicator of the objectives of the Order and its religious mission.

Saint Joseph    Saint Joseph Monastery and Parish
(Established in 1773, Patronal day: March 19)


It’s a monastic life in the heart of the city and through the pastoral service… a life rich with more than two centuries of devotion and life testimonies… That’s the mission of the Antonine monks in Zahle. They provide pastoral services in the Bekaa region on the level of parishes, schools, and religious communities, not to mention their contribution in the socio-cultural development of the town of Zahle.


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