Since the establishment of the Order, its history has been closely related to the history of Lebanon. Thus, the Antonine monks have endured persecutions, exodus and martyrdom.

During the years 1842-1860, which were particularly bloody in the history of the Christians of Lebanon, when complete villages such as Beit Mery, Salima, Zahle, Jezzine, Deir El Kamar, Rachayya, Hasbaya were sacked and burnt, their inhabitants were massacred, and the monasteries and churches were profaned.

In 1860, soldiers from the Ottoman army, headed by Arnaout, invaded the monastery of St. Roch in Dekwaneh and massacred forty monks. The Order was not spared either by the severe events that Lebanon witnessed during the long years of war that torn its territories between 1975 and 1990.

The violent bombings destroyed or damaged several monasteries, churches, and schools of the Order whether in Metn, in the South, in the Bekaa, in the North, or in Beirut, leading to the martyrdom of several monks.

  And life prevails!