It is clear that the cenobitism associated to the missionary life, lived by the founding fathers, was a typical pattern for the new monastic community.

Thus, many monks who lived long years within the community the evangelical counsels, were allowed to withdraw to a hermitage near the monasteries. And despite the wars and the exodus that the Order witnessed, history remembers the following names: Father Youhanna Jeitaoui (+1779), Brother Wehbe el-Hage Boutros (+1867), Father Serapion Chemali (+1888) and Brother Youhanna Hayek (+1888) who withdrew to the hermitage in the monastery of Mar Abda Mouchammar near Nahr El Kalb; Brother Kyriakos (+1843) and Brother Germanos Dirani (+1890) who withdrew to the hermitage in the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in Kattine in the South of Lebanon, Brother Saba Nasrallah (1843-1900) who withdrew to the hermitage at the monastery of Mar Chaaya near Broumana; Brother Germanos El Ehdeni (+1890) who withdrew to the rocks near the monastery of Mar Sarkis and Bakhos at Ehden in North Lebanon… as well as many other names mentioned by believers as being “Men of God”.