Since its establishment, the Antonine Order came together within a non-Christian environment and faced several challenges to which was exposed the common life between different religions in Lebanon. However the Antonine monks knew how to gain the esteem of others and how to reinforce their relations especially with the Druze Emirs of the Abil’Lamah family and helped some of them to convert to the Christian religion, especially in the regions of Broumana, Kornayel, Beit-Mery, and Chemlane.

In this spirit of reconciliation and dialogue, Emir Abdallah Kayed Bey Abil’Lamah, great protector of the monastery of Mar Chaaya, who participated efficiently in establishing this monastery, witnessed his grandsons Ahmad and Mansour acknowledge the Christian religion, thanks to the divine grace, while remaining faithful to their Druze traditions. Then, Bachir and Salim, sons of Emir Ahmad, then Amine and Ali, sons of Emir Mansour, adopted the Christian religion according to the Maronite confession. Thus, history shows that several Antonine monks accomplished their mission and vocation among Druze and Sunnite Emirs.

The Antonine monks undertook many other apostolic works – such as teaching, pastoral services, etc. – that were recognized by his Holiness Pope Benedict XIV through his correspondences with the maronite Patriarch and the Superior General of the Order where he calls to support the Antonine Order “considering its efficiency and its efforts aiming at strengthening the catholic faith among believers and the brotherhood with non-Catholics”.